Saturday, April 24, 2010

Earth day!

A couple of days ago was earth day, and while I try to impart on my children that God gave us this earth to take care of and we should do just that every day, Faith had been bugging me to make a bird feeder thing she had seen on TV. I figured it was the perfect day for it! I sent Faith out into the rain with her umbrella to find a pine cone for Emmy, Gavin and her. After they dried off for a while I set them up at the table with their pine cone and a butter knife covered in peanut butter and let them go at it. Faith did pretty well, Emmy and Gavin though it was time for a snack and kept trying to eat their peanut butter. After all three cones were sufficiently smeared I sprinkled birdseed on them and we waited for the rain to stop so we could hang them up outside.

In the mean time I started a chili in the crock-pot. It was cold and raining and seemed like the perfect day for a pot of chili, plus, chili is low and fat and high in fiber and we all know how I am trying to looses a few lbs before Mexico. To go with the chili I made some cinnamon rolls, which are not helping with the weight loss, but Andy had a stressful week, and when he was little at school they usto serve chili and cinnamon rolls together. I know, weird, right? He almost always took a bag lunch to school, but his mom always let him get school lunch when it was chili and cinnamon roll day. I figured it would make his day a little bit better to come home to a hot bowl of chili and fresh baked cinnamon rolls, and because I rock like that.

One more thing. We have a new addition to our family. A fish. A betta fish to be exact. I'm not sure why I had the urge to get a fish, but I did, so we did. His name is Emo. You know, like the kids who wear the skinny jeans with the bright pink high tops and the hair over their face. Emmy has dumped out his vase once already, but I saved him. Andy said he feels bad for the fish, like coming to our house is a death sentence. I am determined to prove him wrong!

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