Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wish upon a star

Last night, after I went to the gym the girls and I stopped by the store to fill a prescription. We wandered around while we waited and were looking at shoes. Faith found these Skechers light up glitter shoes and fell in love. Now these shoes are 40 bucks! and I would have to buy two pairs since if I got them for Faith then Emmy would have a meltdown if she didn't get the sparkle light up shoes too! So now we are looking at 80.00 that is just not in the budget right now. Especially since that's what I spend on my shoes and I don't outgrow mine in 2 months. So I tell her no on the shoes and meltdown ensues. After a crying walk to the car she tries a new tactic and informs me that I am not the best anymore. That one doesn't work either so it's on to method number 3, when she decides that she will just buy the shoes herself since she has a piggy bank and MUST have enough money for the sparkle shoes. I tell her that I don't think she has enough just yet. She doesn't say anything till we are almost home, then she asks me if I see the star in the sky. I tell her yes, and she replies with, "I wished upon that star that I can have those shoes........." Oh geeze...that girl!

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  1. haha! Totally sounds like my Courtney. She comes up with the best logic! When she was 2 she informed her dad that he HAD to take her to the park. Why? Because he wasn't wearing his work shirt, therefore he didn't have to go to work and could take her to the park. She's a total shoe-aholic too. She used to BAWL if we walked past the shoe aisle and didn't stop and try some on.