Monday, April 5, 2010

Bowling and such

Faith showing off her mad bowling skills

It's snowing today........It's frigging April....and we have had no snow all winter......and yet today it's snowing. It's not sticking, but it still makes me angry. So my plan was to go to the gym....then I talked to my mom and she said she was taking my siblings bowling, that sounded more fun, so I decided to drag my brood out for some wholesome family fun!

Ready for your back story? I am the oldest of 6. I have a sister, who is 20, recently married and expecting her first baby in Sept, I have a brother who is 19, I have twin brothers who are 10 and a sister who just turned 6. My youngest sister and my oldest daughter are BFF's, it's cute, and a little strange, but it works for us.

So the morning started off pretty standard, Gavin showed up around 7:40, BTW, Gavin is my extra kiddo, he is 6 wees younger than Emmy and I watch him during the week while his mom works, he's a good kid. Breakfast was smoothies, banana, blueberries, strawberries and oats blended with milk. My girls loved it, Gavin wouldn't touch it, this happens often since apparently we eat strange food. So I bundle everyone up because remember it's SNOWING!!!! and we head to Triple Play. We let the little kids duck pin bowl with bumpers and they had a blast. We ordered a couple pizzas, veggie and a cheese and then let the kids play in the indoor play structure and a few arcade games....okay and I totally whooped my 10 year old brothers butt in dance dance revolution.....Small victories I tell you! Now everyone is in bed napping, and I am folding my never ending load of laundry, washing diapers and catching up on shows I have recorded. Andy should be home soon and I have a Dr's appt for my broken va-jay-jay. Seriously,(ready for the TMI?) I have had 8 yeast infections since Weston was born 7 months ago, Something is not right. I am not dreading the appt, because I need to figure this out, but I am dreading having to step on the damn scale. I want to know who's brilliant idea it was to have women get on the scale fully dressed with shoes on in the afternoon! And I am going to try to stop at a local mothering store in town on my way to the gyno and pick up a couple of cloth doublers for my pee pot son. I know, exciting, right? Oh and dinner I am making brown rice, teriaki shrimp and asian slaw all together in a bowl, like the ones from Noodle Express, but better for you and minus all the hormones in the factory farmed meat.

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Emmy Bowling

Weston chillin'

Ciao for now!

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