Sunday, April 11, 2010

New dipers, diets and hair!

So maybe it's a little sad when you get excited about new cloth dipers for your baby. Anyway, I was excited. They came on friday and I wanted to talk about them THEN, but a bout of sickness came through our house and the weekend has been a bit busy with all the fevers and puking and such. So here I am to tell you I ordered 4 of the Gro Baby cloth diapers and I LOVE them, in fact they are the only diapers I can put Weston in overnight, with a doubler they sent and a BG doubler,(I know right?) and he doesn't wake up soaked. I love the versatility in them and the fact I don't have to change the cover at every diaper change, and DH likes them too, which is always a bonus. I ordered a box of the disposable inserts too which a biodegradable, compostable, flushable, or throw away. I have yet to use one, but I though the poeple at the Gym daycare might appreciate them. Not to mention how handy they would be for long car trips, like to Seattle. So far I give them an A+, I like them better than my Happy Heineys, about the same as my Jam Tot's Berry plush, more than my BG OS. One of my friends is sending me a couple BG organics and a couple GoodMamas too, they should be here any day now and then I think my stash will be complete...... that's not true, I still want to get him a camo diaper and a Steelers diaper if I can find one!

So I had this realization.....We are leaving for Mexico in exactly one month and there is no way in hell I am taking this 10 extra pounds with me. My number one reason, at this weight none of my shorts fit me......... and that's kinda a problem since I am not going to buy new shorts. So I started watching my diet yesterday, which means no more wine and chocolate at night .....booooo! Today I am sitting at 139lbs, I need to get to 130 to ensure my clothes fit, but I will take less! Wish me luck. I hate loosing weight, I have no problem maintaining, but I hate the loosing part.

And I chopped off all my hair, from midway down my back to chin length. I love it!

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